Agasam Film wiki

Agasam Film was started back in 2007. First as a hobby but very fast clients came and over a night it was a business. Phase one of Agasam Film was mainly commercials and motor-sport filming. Over the years our cameras have been filming in over 12 countries. In all different enviroments from melting hot to freezing cold. We have taken on small clients up to global clients like Goodyear, Continental, Dunlop and E&Y as well as feature film productions..

In 2015 a new primary goal was set. Agasam Film will now on focus on making feature film and documentarys.
It was a natural step in our evolution and that is where we are today.


Projects in the pipeline

At different stages in pre-production and production this is what we work on right now.






About us

Agasam Film is working hard to stay on top of others and our way to do that is mainly to think outside the box. To be unique.
A side project we also put outr hearts into is finding new talents out there.
No matter gender, age or where you were born.
Pretty much anyone can work with film if that is what makes your heart tick.

After all, the more film interested persons we are, the more amazing stories we can tell in the future.