Agasam Film wiki

Agasam Film was started back in 2007. First as a hobby but very fast clients came and over a night it was a business. Phase one of Agasam Film was mainly commercials and motor-sport filming. Over the years our cameras have been filming in over 12 countries. In all different enviroments from melting hot to freezing cold. We have taken on small clients up to global clients like Goodyear, Continental, Dunlop and E&Y as well as feature film productions..

In 2015 a new primary goal was set. Agasam Film will now on focus more on feature film and documentarys.
In 2018 the next step was taken.
Agasam Film moved to the Caribbean.
We are now located on Roatan.
An island outside the coast of Honduras


Everyday is a new day

Plenty of pages full of scripts are written.
Both TV and the silver screen.

With good spirits and great friends we are amazed
what good imagination can create.

Never before have the expression
"the sky is the limit"
been more accurate.


Harmony = creativity

Agasam Film is working hard to stay on top of others
To do that we mainly think outside the box.
We dare to be unique.
To test what others never thought of.